Saturday, 18 August 2012

Gala Time

Not a week goes by without some Gala in some village or town.  Starting in May there is always something going on somewhere.

Fraserburgh has not had a Gala for 20 years.  But this year it came back.

The usual stalls and burgers.  Craft stalls, cupcakes, raffles, hand made soaps, jams, strong men pulling a lorry.  The strong men were having an argument as to which way to pull the lorry so we gave up!
Cricket matches, kite surfing, a baby show (definitely not my type of thing.)  Golf - of course. (no pun intended)
Children Zumba dancing.  Not my type of thing.
Pony rides.  Would have loved to but the queue was l-o-o-n-g.

But as a sideline there was a display of Custom Motorbikes and Scooters.

This brought back so many memories I became almost maudlin.

Back in the 60s I never could make up my mind whether I was a Rocker or a Mod, or even a Beat (nik).  Depended on who I was going out with at the time.

My Father had great difficulty with me growing up.  I remember him chopping the flares of my bell bottoms, telling me to wear shoes as I was going barefoot everywhere, and then when I started going out with a Mod, telling me  I looked like a tart with all the make up on.  Ah happy days.

Now I am older than he ever got to, my ankles swelled in the heat of today,  so the DP and I went off to the beach.  

People swimming in the sea.  Was sorely tempted, but ballooning ankles anchored me to my seat in the beach side cafe.

Could this really be Fraserburgh?

Well its Gala Time.

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BadPenny said...

I love your beach pictures. Shame you couldn't dip your toes. My ankles swelled up in greece !