Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Photographic Exhibtion.

By the Dawn Patroller.

At last, they are all up.  Bit of tweeking, hard granite wall to hammer nails into, lots of bent nails discarded.  Had not taken into account central heating controls on wall, which meant display of pictures had to be rearranged.  Ah well.  Its done.  And looking good.  
On the table beneath were to have been prints in mounts, plus cards, but we ended up with previous exhibitors cards which made the space on the table a bit squashed.  But hey ho. 

 Also, quite scary is that I am to exhibit in November, so lots of Christmas Cards, and I still haven't mastered a Robin without it looking as if it has a toupee.

I managed to scoot along to the Mission for coffee with the geriatric gang.

Who were supposed to be sorting out our next activity, the Disc Cover Art exhibition, at the Lighthouse Museum in September.  But, as usual, so many different conversations going on at once, I still do not know whats happening.  But I do know what has happened.  Ethel, who you can see second on left of this photo has just turned 80.  She is famed for her gansey knitting.  See previous post , and no I do not know how to do links yet, so just trawl back, 

Here we all are, in the Mission, I am the one resting her head on top of Ethels.

On my return to home and the shed/summerhouse/opera theatre/ drinking den I continued with my take on the Oyster Catcher Photo taken by my sister in law, check her out on Flickr, Chris Robertson.

This morning - back to rain and gloom.  Art Group.  More chat today than art!  Next two weeks the topic is Sport.  Oh no.  

Think I will do an arm sticking out of a swimming pool and exhibit that.  


BadPenny said...

Your Oyster catchers are lovely. Must be difficult exhibiting so many pictures to get them all hanging nicely or - well hung !

Mum said...

Great oyster catcher picture. Bothe photo and artistic endeavour.
I'm not interested in sport either but it's a hot topic at the moment, of course. Perhaps you could do tiddleywinks! Lots of colour there. It could even be an abstract.
Love from Mum

Jill Chandler said...

Thanks Mum.
Penny - it was difficult, the wall is granite, but the DP had the hanging all planned, I tell you if it hadnt worked I would have left him, we had the pics all over the sitting room floor, measured, cats banned, in the end I was banned.