Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Last Bus Cafe.

Some of my readers will remember we first visited the Last Bus Cafe earlier this year.  Apologies, I still havent mastered links so you will just have to scroll back through my posts.  I really think a course on mastering computers is well over due.  Particularly as I write I have the heading, "An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post.  Please try again.  Ignore warning."  the latter I hit on and it disappears.  Until I decide to publish my post and then I have a real fight.

So this is it, the Last Bus Cafe.  A temporary building, therefore no need for planning permission.  Erected in a now defunct quarry, built on scaffolding, but sturdy as a rock, well I hope so.

Inside just a wow factor.  All ages congregate there.

Eyeing up the muffins.

Mine host.

The cafe is constructed in a disused quarry and is, therefore,  at the level of the tree tops.

The hill in the distance is Mormond Hill, which we can see from the other side of where we live.

So some amazing views.

Some wind chime!

If there is no-one around you ring this bell.

Moi enjoying the ambience.

Yesterday evening I decided to move stuff around..  The mantra if it aint useful or beautiful  - ditch it.  Ha, Minerva McGonagall is convinced she should be saved!

She has no need to worry, she isnt on the last bus to anywhere.  Well I hope not.


Laura said...

SO love the Last Bus Cafe. What a place! =]

BadPenny said...

I love the look of that place !
I'm having lots of Blog probs too.
To link go to your previous post & highlight the http / thingy & click copy. On your post click link button & add the highlighted code by pressing paste. Add a word like here which will show highlighted on your post. If we click it should take us to your previous post !
I think ! xx