Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Dawn Patroller.

Well now, the DP actually does not get up and off at Dawn.
2.30 a.m. the Blackbirds start singing, as it is light.  In fact it does not really get dark at all up here in the North East.  

As we sleep with our window open, Blackbirds are not my favourite bird of the moment. 

Plus I then spend the rest of the day singing, a la Paul McCartney, "Blackbird singing in the dead of night."  Which gets a bit wearing for the DP.

So, off he goes.  The photograph above is of Rattray Lighthouse.

Below, some seals on the beach at St. Combs.  From whence you can see the lighthouse.

A lonely poppy.

Evening mist and the sign post near our garden.  

  You would not believe the amount of cars which screech to a halt, reverse, look again, and still do not know which way they should be going.  As nothing on the sign means anything.  Turn towards Cortes and you can then go to Aberdeen, Peterhead.  But it dos not say so, the sign.  Their SatNav brings them thus far and then abandons them.  

Lonmay School, is no longer a school, but a private house.  Carry on in that direction and you come to another junction which is equally not informative.  So we get many knocks on our door.....

Sith being an ornament.

Minerva McGonagall and the DP share a book.

And finally I become a Granny Racer, (as opposed to a boy racer.)  Well, it is that sort of car.


Making It Vintage said...

Love your nifty new car Jill.......fabulous colour.........many times, early in the morning (though never as early as yours), when the neigbourhood birdies start their chirupping, I have been sorely tempted to throw stray balls of sock yarn at them through my open window..........noisy little blighters, lol.

Love your cat being an ornament. x

Laura Amy said...

This post has me longing for St Combs ice-cream.

Love the photo of the seals!

Anonymous said...

Great post - I love the mist, and can just imagine the knocks on your door! Also Sith looking decorative.

And wow, look at your car! Now you can sing Go Granny Go Granny Go Go Go! (or not)