Thursday, 14 June 2012

What have you done today (Heather Small song)

Well, I made a poster.  About six attempts before it pleased everyone.  The Cockerel, is not oil, sod it.

I also did a press release for two local papers (weekly and one daily, the Press and Journal.)  Now this sounds as if it was easy peasy, did it off the top of my head.  Well it's not.  

And before I put in 'exhibition' on the poster some (very kind) person   - asked "Are they workshops?"  No!  It is an exhibition!!   Hopefully the press releases, which I laboured over have not upset anyone, but then, much later I realised I had not mentioned one of the artists as they were on holiday when the photograph was taken and I may not have given them mention.

Sorry, Doreen Macrae.  Who has done the stained glass which is so awesome.

Today we were back at the Lighthouse Museum for a master class before we do the Childrens Activity Mornings in July.  Have to be at least one step ahead.  Above is where our classroom was.

Isobel showing us how to do stained glass windows, well, not really, but pretty like.

Stained Glass Windows, a la Isobel Gregory.  This involved double backed sticky tape, wool and kitchen foil.  And sharpy pens.  You want a master class?  Well move to Fraserburgh.

We all paid attention. And concentrated.  As we were educated in the art of Zentangle.

My god, they are all quiet.  Never happened before.  Spooky.

Show and tell!   Good are we not? 

After lunch at the Lighthouse museum and lots more chat......

 Down the shed and  the opera on full blast and painted two sails on my boat picture.  I re-arranged the shed/summer house.  And then I opened a bottle of wine.

Then, before I had me second glass I did another press release for our next project.....

The garden waits, 
The bird feathers under the bed waits.  (I will throttle that cat)
the cleaning waits,
painting the rest of the garden furniture waits,
the - well just everything waits till I cross everything off my list.
I am really enjoying my retirement. 
Retired, must look up the meaning of this in the dictionary.  Confused.
I seem to much more today and every other day than when I was working, sorry, paid for working.


Susan T said...

In the shed with a bottle of vino and opera at full blast, sounds like my kind of night.

Mum said...

Do the other jobs tomorrow!!!!!
Love from Mum

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Hello! I am a new follower to your blog after reading about you on "Writing from Scotland." I agree with her - you sound like a lot of fun and I look forward to reading more!

Laura Amy said...

i'm so intrigued by the tin-foil & sharpie piece - looks like great fun to do with a kids/youth group.

What a lot of talented people!

BadPenny said...

They do say that about retirement -being busier !
Great fun had by all - such consentration !

Anonymous said...

Gosh, aren't you lucky to have a fab art group on your doorstep? I used to do zentangle but didn't know it had a name! Very enjoyable with a rotring pen. :)

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

What Susan said!

You do all look like you were working hard there - even though Zentangles are fun - you clearly deserved the reward of wine ;D

Isobel Gregory said...

Zentangle is yoga for the mind so they say but really it is a form of posh doodling - and yes it kept everyone quiet !!!!!! wow