Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Acrylic Master Class.

Was today.  I think I should take up sculpture.  

One of the tasks set to me was to stare at a red pepper for 30 seconds, then close my eyes, then open them and stare at a white piece of paper and then describe the colours I could see.  Do try it, as it actually works.  Instead of seeing a darker shadow of said pepper, I could see purple, pink, orange, green and blue.  It didnt half make a difference when I painted that below.  No - you are not going to see my finished result, because a) it isnt finished and b) its still crap.

Watching a real artist paint was just awesome.  Two strawberries (yawn - boring)  suddenly come to life on a piece of paper.  I thanked the Lord for her allowing me to still be learning in my 60s.

Also today my three water colour paintings were put into an exhibition.  Still don't know if any or all have been accepted.

Common Tern was one.

The Pheasants, titled, "Handbags at Dawn" was number two.

Number three was the Oyster Catcher in ' a bit of a breeze'.


Whilst I was heavily involved in trying to master acrylic paints  (now dont be silly),  the DP was away to Peterheed and photographed 'real life' in a fishing village/edge of town where they dont just hang up their troosers for drying but they do hang up the fishing nets to dry.    Now I am not really sure why you should need to hang up fishing nets to dry, after all, next bit is to fling them into the sea, but, fear not, I shall find out why.

Possibly another Master Class ?


BadPenny said...

The art class sounds so interesting. Good luck with the exhibition.
Wow the sky is blue behind those fishing nets !

Susan T said...

I love the painting of the pheasants, we used to get a family of them in the garden, but they must have moved on. Yes I wonder too why they hang nets out to dry, perhaps they would rot otherwise, they would certainly be a bit whiffy.

Laura said...

Perhaps they needed to mend them? Or wrap them back up to be stored? Nobody wants to be man-handling soggy nets! ;)

What amuses me more is when you drive through the likes of St Combs & see actual fish hanging on the wash line!

Jill Chandler said...

Laura I think you may be right. Fraserburgh Harbour often has nets spread out and the fishermen repairing them. The DP is often to be found down there taking photos.

Making It Vintage said...

Jill, I'm no art critic, but I love your watercolour paintings, you capture the wildlife so well........best of luck with the exhibition.......and find yourself some warm woollies, quick! xx

Mum said...

The nets look like a hammock to me - perhaps they are for the fishermen to have a quick snooze before going out to sea again!
Love from Mum