Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pot Pourri.

Because of this foul weather, mist, or is it cloud, my feeling foul also,  I looked around and then looked again.  And really it is quite awesome.

A Goldfinch.  If you peer hard.

Lots of Tree Sparrows on the feeders.

Wander round the house.  My notice board in the bedroom.  

My 'office' in the bedroom.

Then I drift into the kitchen and say hello to my plants.  We moved from a much larger house than where we are now and these plants were still lost there.  Not now!  Even the camel looks squashed.

Then Sith comes in and tells me he has been chased, terrified, scared to death.....

By Big Daddy Pheasant.

What a wimp.

And do you know what happened then?  

The sun came out!


Mum said...

All's well.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Yay for chinks of sunlight! (umm, what's with the fox mask on your mirror?) You don't have to answer that. Lol!

BadPenny said...

Note the bottle of red & glass on your desk !

Your plants look like a welcome oasis for your camel !

Anonymous said...

You saw sun? Lucky you! Yes, I noticed the fox mask too. Do please tell us what you use it for.

Jill Chandler said...

The fox mask is just one of the strange objects my daughters store in our garage.It is now awaiting the arrival of my grandson, bet you any money it still remains here, there seems to be an aversion into taking your rubbish home with you in this family!
The red wine is of course mine, sorry was, all gone.