Monday, 4 June 2012

If you go down to the shed today...

You're sure of a big surprise...  I do not just paint, chill out, watch birds, drink wine, I also....


Huge remnant purchased from my friend Marina before she went off to the UAE to drive up and down sand dunes.   Cut up, measured and sewn.

Made a throw for our bed.

A bit Bollywood.

But as we have Cait Sith spending most of his time on our bed.  Who sheds hair, dust, mud, onto the glamorous throw, quilted and way too big to fit into the washing machine, and had refused to be vacuumed any more, it was time for a replacement.

The replacement is just one layer, will therefore fit into the washing machine, and as it is so thin can remain on the bed when we want to sleep in it.  We always removed the heavier throw, which then rather defeated the object of him not muckying our actual bedding.

So glad he approves.


Marinab said...

I approve too Jill! You've made a lovely job of it and it does look very sumptious and posh! Wishing you many restful nights under it. :)

BadPenny said...

Glamerous or what ? Sith is obviously not going anywhere !

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I freak out at sewing big things. :)