Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ye'll tak the high road and I'll take the low road.....

 This morning I set off driving up North.  And a bit West, I think.  I had my printed instructions of the route off t'internet.

My first stop was what they call a comfort break (having a wee)  at 

As the only way out of this place was past the tills I felt obliged to purchase something for having had a comfort stop.  I bought some extremely cheap oil pastels, a sketch book and two small canvases.

I then drove through Cornhill, which was having it's Highland Games.

And arrived at my destination of Keith, Morayshire.
Which confusingly is in two bits.

And some of them not that welcoming.

But then I found where I was meant to be.

Boogie Woogie is the most amazing cafe, with scrumptious cakes (bacon sandwiches, fatty breakfasts, which I resisted tho it was hard)  but it also has a wide range of crafted stuff, cards, paintings, unfortunately not all local.  Some amazing handbags, which bank balance would not allow.... (I'll be back when it does.)

But specially today it housed three bloggers, Land of the Big Sky - me. Writing From Scotland - Christine, and The Quiet Home - Tina.  Whose idea of meeting up was all down to the latter  and who very graciously and generously treated us other two.  And we didnt just have coffee, but some of the scrumptious cakes as well.

Being the oldest person present I took the old bones back home whilst the other two hit the shops - back in the other part of Keith.  

 It was really lovely to meet up with two other bloggers who turned out to be as nice as their blogs, knowing so much about them both, their lives, their doings was strange.  But in seconds we were chatting away like old friends, which of course we are.

As one of my daughters said, "Perhaps they will be two teenage boys, " having read all these scare stories re meeting up on the internet.   

Well I was so glad they weren't.  I wouldnt really have known what to do with teenage boys, well, possibly I would - just handed them my mobile phone and pointed out the apps.

My one major purchase was for the Dawn Patroller, who does all the cooking now.  It is a huge apron, which actually drowns him, tho he is not a thin cook.

Then I retraced my steps homewards.  The weather both there and back was glorious.  The roads were virtually empty (oh tourists where are you?) (Reminded self, you are not doing b&b any more).

So - I just have to thank The Quiet Home and Writing From Scotland for giving me such a wonderful day, and I guess Her Maj for all the bunting up in and around the cafe, the 50s music in there, which only me could remember, and now off to take the low road with a glass of red.


Anonymous said...

Ah, it was a fab day indeed! And so good to meet you! xx

Anonymous said...

Wow Jill you are QUICK! (I see Tina has posted as well -) I am not quick at making posts, so perhaps by tomorrow evening?

It was delightful to meet you today. You're just as witty as on your blog, though I was glad that you don't actually speak in teeny-tiny writing!

(And I'm glad you weren't disappointed that we weren't teenage boys after all!)

Jill Chandler said...

Me speak in teeny - tiny writing!? I am surprised either of you got a word in edge wise.

A Trifle Rushed said...

Oh how lovely. I've met a few local blogging friends and they have all been even more delightful in real life then on their blogs, it's a real bonus to blogging.

BadPenny said...

I love Blog dates & once we had a good giggle about NOT being big hairy blokes !
Great feiendships are made. Love the DP's new apron and so glad to hear you are as witty in real life as you are here x