Friday, 15 June 2012


My lovely, lovely car has failed it's MOT big time.  This is one car that I have loved.  I do not do big mileage, but then I do not do much maintenance either, so.....the entire exhaust system, brakes, bit of suspension, I could go on.  The garage did....
Though I wonder how it passed last year.

So the search is now on for a replacement.  Just what I need when I will be paying out for the wood burning stove due Tuesday, the fitters and the plumber - latter required so it will heat the water as well as the downstairs of the house.  
Just have to console myself with all the savings that will be made on the liquid gold (oil)  and then what happens?  

It is June, heading towards Midsummer's Day (and our Wedding Anniversary) and it is FREEZING.  I have four layers on and a blanket round the nether regions but I just have to press the forward button and put on the heating.

After all I am old and get my Winter Fuel payment from the government, which actually went down last year while the cost of electric, gas, oil went up.

So the Wedding Anniversary gift is the wood burning stove and my Christmas present and birthday for the next ten years, should I live that long, is the 'new' car.

You may well ask why do we need two cars.  Him and Hers.  Well if one breaks down and we only had the one we would be marooned out here, there are no buses, unless I wanted to hail the school mini bus and then I would presumably not be allowed without the necessary police checks.  

When the family descend we need two cars to transport them from Aberdeen train station, and still some of them have to get on a bus.  Okay - should never have had four daughters, who then procreated....Aaaargh.

I think I will just say a fond farewell to the lovely Honda in the way I know best.  Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Darn it. I remember having to say goodbye to my wonderful Peugot 306 estate. I actually hugged the bonnet. Sad, eh? Hope you find a suitable replacement. Out here they are an absolute necessity. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you! I don't suppose it would have been easier if the weather had been sunny and warm, but at least you wouldn't have been worried about the heating bill as well. Good luck finding another good'un. Take care! x