Friday, 1 June 2012

A Day Off!

Apart from catching up with the cleaning I had nothing, sweet nothing, to do today.  No meetings, no organising though there is loads still to do - but it can wait.

The weather wasnt kind, showers and chilly breezes.  I had wanted to do some gardening.  Potting on stuff, planting bedding plants into pots and hanging baskets. 

Petunias, 20 for £3.00 in Tescos.  I also got 20 Lobelia for the same.

In the wooden seed tray are three bush fuschias via the 'free' offers in magazines, you just pay postage.  Also two clematis.  All doing well and ready to be potted on.  At the rear on the veranda floor are three black bean plants.  They are on the verandah as the slugs found them.  I always thought slugs did not move along chuckies as they are too sharp, but they flipping well do. (chuckies is stones).

Variety of lettuce leaves, the seeds of which I planted a mere week ago, when we had the heat wave.

Three chillies, Alstroemaria x 2 in bud, bay tree potted on after being shrivelled in the wind it is recovering.

Too late to get cracking the sun came out.  Typical.  So I had a quick whiz to see whats blooming.

Paeonies and a white Aquilegia.

Yellow Welsh poppies self seeded from last year.

The roses are all in bud.  Also seeds I planted last week which are to encourage bees are all coming up.  Shan't know till they are properly up what I have!

So while not gardening as planned I started a picture of a house that will soon be left by some good friends of ours as they head back to England.  This will be the only picture of their house where the walls are crooked and it looks as if the windows are falling out.

Now for a night off.


BadPenny said...

Slugs can cross anything. I know it for a fact,
That book you mentioned yesterday with the fabby drawings was talked about in a history of Britain programme I saw last night. I said to the others, " Oh I was just reading about this today on a Blog " and was very pleased with myself ( though obviously today, I've forgotten the name of the book ! ) It was delightful. They should have been wearing cotton gloves to handle it I thought being the expert in these things I am.

Jill Chandler said...

The Book of Deer. We had been told to watch the programme. Very bitty I thought scooted all over the country. I got a bit confused!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks blooming lovely! :)