Monday, 11 June 2012


Speak quietly so as not to annoy the gods.  But today the sun has shone here in the North East of Scotland.

I have been pottering and potting.

With the help (hindrance) of Sith.

I keep intending to cut the Paeonies and float the heads in a bowl.  But by the time I get to them when the rain has stopped,  or they are not dripping dew, they are way too 'blowsy'.

The rose bush is a mass of buds.  Patience yet again before I cut them.  This rose is heavily scented once open.

The Dawn Patroller brought out the lawn mower.  Re-sited the solar powered water feature.  (Hopefully now passers by, cyclists, horse riders and tractor drivers, who can see in over the hedge can note there is method in our madness of not cutting the grass.)

Without any help from humans Nature goes her own sweet way.

 Cuckoo Flower.

Northern Marsh Orchid

King Cup/Marsh Marigold.

Wild Pansy.

All four above plants growing in and amongst the sand dunes between Cairnbulg and Philorth Nature Reserve.

Beautiful Botanics.  (Not forgetting that the nicest drink is made from plants in one form or another.)


BadPenny said...

Well it's pissing down here ! I haven't had much time to inspect the damage on my return home but not too bad I think.

I see method in your madness but then - I'm a bit mad !!!

Making It Vintage said...

Could do with a little of your sunshine today's so blooming cold.

Those free flowering wild flowers are very pretty, but I love scented roses. x