Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Not much going on here on the beach at Fraserburgh.

Please dont talk when I am interrupting.

 The crafty group plotting our next venture.  Action stations!

Now then, does anyone know anything about sheep?

There has been a lot of activity on the road outside our house.  With transporter loads of sheep going one way.  And then another load of sheep going the other.  

Are they all just out on a trip?

Activity at the Art group - and down the shed.  Trying to paint these three boats.  Not easy.

So at the moment, total inactivity beckons.


BadPenny said...

Oh you crafty lot ! Those boats are gorgeous.

Making It Vintage said...

Those poor sheep are most probably trying to find a dry field.............I, like those sheep, am heartily sick of this rain..............your craft group look a jolly bunchand most definitely the plotting sort, lol. x

Susan T said...

Jill, many thanks for your tip on my blog, it worked. What gorgeous beach, I love the deserted type of beaches you get in Scotland, clean and windswept. The photo at the end should make a great painting, not easy but worth it, fab colours.

Jill Chandler said...

Re the sheep. Apparently because of the awful weather we have had the sheep are being moved to different pastures so the grass where they were can refresh. Also eradicates pests that have built up.