Sunday, 3 June 2012

Its all happening here.

Outside the shed window baby greenfinches and chaffinches all begging to be fed and learning how to pick up their own take away.  Above them is a bird feeder and adult birds come and select a sunflower seed and shower the babies beneath.  All the other birds have babies as can be witnessed by their frantic search under the verandah for insects and blackbirds for worms (not under the verandah, now dont be silly.)

The 'wildflower' meadow is growing apace.  Wild flowers consist of buttercups, dandelions and daisies so far and rye grass.  Hmm.  The drying green (where you hang up your washing, weather permitting), has been mowed so I dont get me feet too wet.


Meanwhile, in my part of the garden I have been potting up  Lobelia, Petunias and in this pot, three bean plants and a fuschia.

This planter came with us and continues to flourish with stonecrop et al.

Three hanging baskets ready to be hung.  The one top right is a pot which will 'sit' in the cauldron, outside the kitchen patio door.

The fence troughs are all planted trailing lobelia and pansies.  There are five but I dont have a wide angle lens.

And my first go with oil pastels.

Which I really enjoyed using but obviously have a long way to go.

So not quite happening yet.


Susan T said...

For somewhere with not much cover you have a good selection of birds. Birdlife round here is very sparse, it is all rather sad.

Linda C said...

Your comments on the oil pastel make me feel better. I have tried oil pastels but I think mine look very amateur-ish. I have tried to do sunsets- One or two not too bad, most not too good. I like your flower-good details.


Jill Chandler said...

Welcome Linda.