Monday, 11 April 2011

Some last minute advice!

I used the packing tape for fastening down boxes, resisting the urge to do anything silly with it, popping bubble wrap and realising I had packed the deoderant.

Morning started off well. John Lewis delivered my four new kitchen chairs. Up the drive came the big van and Mike leapt outside and said "I'll move my car so you can turn." Car wouldn't start, flat battery.

How do you get out of a car, come inside and sit down and have a cup of tea, make the dinner, eat the dinner, go to bed and get up next morning and realise you have left the radio on in said car?

So I had to do the jump start. Being pushed down the drive and praying the post van would not come up it at the same time. Very, very nearly. I had just got the engine to fire when I was nose to nose with the red van.

Later, he put the chairs together, just fixing the legs to the rest of it really, so not much swearing. They are lovely. Anyone interested they are John Lewis Marilyn Chair. Black. For the older ones this was an iconic design chair and Christine Keeler was photographed, naked, seated on such a chair, bits hidden behind the back of chair I hasten to add. Very famous image. Not to be repeated by me.

The day continued with the (almost ceremonial) sealing of boxes with the packing tape. Well lots of "Yaah theres another one done."

And labelling. Which has been done very optimistically. Garage. Ground floor bedroom. Upstairs left bedroom, Upstairs Right bedroom , Office, Kitchen, Summer House.

When I just know they are all going to be piled up in the dining room, for us to sort, " At yer leesure."

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