Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A few short miles....

from where we lived before, but so different.

This is what made us late for Sunday lunch! They are sheep, and eventually surrounded the car, and carried on down the road.

This is what we had escaped from!

This is the dining room. Every other room was the same, and the summer house, and the garage even worse.

The kitchen.

This is St.Combs. We were taken out for Sunday lunch by our friends, and this was the view from the restaurant. The foreground is stones placed by the hotel. The actual beach is lower than them but you can see a bit, its a lovely sandy one, but also has rock pools, in some parts. Just look at the colour of the sea!

We moved in on Friday. Just in time for BT to install our new phone line. Broadband was also to be installed. After numerous telephone calls, nervous breakdowns and swearing (me)(me)(me) we finally had switch on this afternoon (Wednesday.)

So here we are. More pictures tomorrow when I have unpacked a few more boxes.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you and the pets made it.
Looking forward to the pics.

Topnan x.