Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This is IT!

After yesterdays jog up and down the local high streets I returned to the internet highway and my favourite online store John Lewis.

Hook, line and sinker, just fell in love with this and this is what we are to purchase. The chairs are called jelly chairs (I think) and come in red, amber, green, (no we didnt go for the traffic light ensemble) amethyst, clear, and smoky. We will probably have a combination of colours, minus the red. (Without the fruit - can't stand pineapple.)

The rest of today has been somewhat frustrating as I do not appear to have actually done much at all.

In the morning a chap came to collect some garden furniture, metal table and four chairs, which I still like, but are now so rusty, having spent last winter hidden by the rhodendrons, I could not face, or have the energy, to wire brush down and re-paint. The chap who came to collect them gave us a potted life history along with intricate details of his marital status and how his garden was progressing. He also brought with him a rather ratty looking poodle which our Sith cat decided was possibly something to eat....

Its hard work this freecycling. They dont just come, whip the stuff into the boot and depart. Oh no, you have to stand outside and listen to the life history, the ups and downs of clearing brambles, and how he has to use a mobility scooter to go shopping. So we loaded up his car for him...

I then tried to re-contact the second hand furniture man, who had promised to phone, and hadnt. Well, he must have sold the business as there was no reply.

The next dealer in Peterhead was obviously Asian, but with a Scottish accent, one of the hardest to actually decipher. I finally worked out that his van had gone for its MOT and was unlikely to be of any use until after we had moved.

So I then tried Gumtree. This is a bit like Freecycle except you put a price on stuff so it isnt free. Meanwhile I am still getting people pleading with me to let them have the stuff I have posted on Freecycle, all of which I have also posted as being taken. The stuff that hasn't gone no-one appears to want.

Meanwhile our farmer is preparing the fields for sowing. It is half term here in Scotland, so the driver of the tractor is the younger generation of our feudal laird. Driving just like a boy racer he's giving the following flocks of birds quite a shock, theyre not used to ploughs doing wheelies.


Lynn said...

Love it

Jill said...

But Lynn, it didnt come from Cath Kidston!