Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Trying to prioritise - and slow down.

This is my summerhouse. In there I intend to do my sewing, drawing, write my book, pot plants, grow seedlings, listen to my music, drink wine, chill out. Have I done any of these? Not yet. Although if you look very closely there are three tomato plants on the verandah! From my friend Lucy. Remember the name, Lucy is one hell of a character.

In the drawers are all my fabrics. The chair in front is a sliding rocker I bought for a fiver and have reupholstered, but not finished as it needs trim and brass headed nails to finish. There is also a cushion to finish for it, one of the long round ones to fit into the small of your back. Everything there but not completed. Lots of other projects in mind to sew.

The above is Aphrodite at the Waters Edge. Bought from the NEC (near Birmingham), many years ago, and cost quite a lot of money, which I seem to remember we didnt have, but we fell in love with her on sight. A water feature. And when we went to collect it after the exhibition, we got to meet the artist, in her studio, who made it. (No I cant remember her name. Or even where her studio was, but it was near Tamworth.) The water comes out of her ears (well in that area) trickles down her breasts, most tastefully I promise you, and once placed so you dont see all the wires and plug, brilliant! Aphrodite used to sit in our conservatory in Tamworth and hasnt really fitted in anywhere since. She certainly did not go in Greenbrae.
But there is hope for her here at Cherry Cottage.

The Bistro set outside the summer house.

The wooden set, repainted today by moi, outside the summer house. Table legs yet to do.

So all in all quite a productive day. The sun was shining, it was warm, no wind. So what did I decide to do? Off to Peterhead, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Superdrug, Happit, M&Co., retail therapy. Yeah. And feeling guilty all the way. So -

Back to paint all the outside wooden furniture.

Then sit on the unpainted furniture and have a wine down.

Entertained the joiner come for a looky.

A lot to be said for prioritising. Not sure about the slow down. I really havent been brought up that way. Can an old dog learn new tricks?

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