Sunday, 3 April 2011

All change.

A beautiful weather day today. Double figures in temperature. No wind. We did have a short sharp shower early afternoon. By then Mike had collected up all our solar garden lights, switched them off and packed them up. We have so many here that our new small garden will be like a fairy grotto!

Meanwhile I continued the packing up of boxes. Sorting another load for the charity shop. More for the car boot.

The computer desk was collected. The sideboard still in situ.... and no word or sight of the person who said they would be collecting today.

The marble table top is to be collected in the morning. Lots of people wanting it but I went for the one who said he could collect. I sometimes wonder at the people who check their emails, see something on offer, immediately hit the reply button and rave about whatever it is and say its just what they want but do not say they can collect whenever. I dont mind when it is so long as I am told. I had one lovely lady who said she wanted it and as she has already taken some things from us I know for a fact that she hasnt the room in her car, nor has she the strength to even move it an inch. It must be just a knee jerk reaction to seeing something that is being given away.

The marble table top was left in the house when we bought it. There it sat on top of two plastic pedestals. Over 6 feet long and 3 feet wide and very, very heavy. For a while we didnt know what to do with it. We leant it up against a wall and binned the two plastic pedestals. Our own pine kitchen table was placed in the kitchen and I had the idea to place it on top. This gave us a huge work space and plenty room to seat all the family with room to spare.

Normally it is covered with a tablecloth, the pvc ones, at Christmas its one with tree baubles on! But it has been a very useful item, fold back the table cloth and make your pastry.

Tomorrow we are to visit our 'new' house and receive instructions on how all the wiring works, surround sound and t.v.s etc. We were to be given the key to the garage, so we can take across garden stuff, pots and so on. But they havent managed to empty it yet, so we are to get the key for the summerhouse instead. Now thats quite a dangerous thing to do......

I may just move in.

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