Thursday, 21 April 2011

Almost a week now!

This is the garden to the left of the house. Or the right if you look at it from the front. Far bigger lawn area, even, that we had at Greenbrae. This according to the man who cuts the grass and has been off to B&Q and buy the second of new lawn mowers. The first was electric and bought specifically to do the wee bit of sloping garden at the rear. The second is a petrol driven machine almost identical to the one we sold with Greenbrae! Does he think we are made of money?

Kitchen dining area, now without boxes. Tell a lie, just the one,if you look closely, now gone down to the summer house/ sewing room/ craft area/art den. Please note my 'Marilyn' chairs from John Lewis. Love them. No you will not be seeing me sitting on them full frontal naked. Too horrid to even contemplate. Those of you who are old enough think Christine Keeler.

From our front window we can see Cairness House, stately home. Far better class of neighbours here!

And theres me standing by the front door of Cherry Cottage. Wondering what on earth himself is doing in the middle of the road.

We went off shopping this morning. To Fraserburgh. Now our nearest town. We toured the Cooperative - good with food - so saith the advertisement. Ended up at Tescos for the few bits we couldn't find at the Co-op. Like free range chicken or free range anything or organic, and basil.

Called in at the Tourist Information Centre to bid a fond farewell to the staff there. Barbara on duty today gave us a list of recommended joiner, electrician, plumber, not very touristy stuff! BUT turns out she is an in law of our nearest neighbours. What a small world! And very useful for good relations. Although, we have already been visited, twice in fact, by Dorothy, our neighbour who actually lived in this house and then built a bigger one across the road. Dorothy brought us a lovely chrysanthemum plant and a card. (Sorry Dorothy but chrysanthemums do mean funerals to me. But this is a very cheerful yellow.)

Had lunch at the cafe overlooking the beach. I could have took some amazing photos of the beach, the sea, the lighthouse at Rattray, the wreck at Cairnbulg (our nearest village), but all was shrouded in a sea mist. Which kept rolling back and forth, so one minute you thought, grab the camera, then it had all gone again.

So back home. More sorting.

In our dining room which has this wonderful (?) range of glossy black fitments which include fridge freezer, DAB radio/cd player which has speakers all over the house (!) and two wine coolers. Well I couldn't find any way to turn these wine coolers on. Having spent a fortune on wine so as to fill up our new wine rack in the kitchen, there was some white wine which I put into the wine cooling cupboard and then realised it wasn't turned on. After much cupboard opening and climbing on chairs to see if it was at the top of all the units we had to admit defeat and will have to phone our previous owners and ask, "Did you just do all this for display?"

Last night I went to my Rotary. I had invited a friend who had shown interest in joining. When we arrived there was no-one there.... I have never gone before and found I was the first, but I do live a lot nearer now! So much for giving her a good impression.

Also, in the bar was a chap from visiting from another Rotaryclub. So I had to welcome him, then set up everything, the lectrum, the gaval, the visitors book, then the taking the money book. I was shattered before we even started! As usual we had a good turn out and a very good evening.

On the way home I saw three large deer in the field next to our house.

Tis a good place to live.

Must mention that in the morning yesterday I went to Cairnbulg/Inverallochy. Two villages one one one side of the road the other on t'other. Visited the Post Office. Got some cash, asked about getting hold of The Handy Pages. This is a directory of all local businesses, joiners, plumbers, everything. The Post Office Man said, "You can borrow mine, so long as you bring it back." He didnt know me from Adam. Next stop was the village shop. Friendly local shoppers, "Go on wify."

"No I am looking round to see what there is."


Library. So much information I was totally overloaded.

Coffee morning going on in there.

"Have ye anyone buried at St.Combs?"


" Nay bother, do ye want a coffee?"

Sometimes, only sometimes, you wonder if there is a god. If there is - she is living in the North East of Scotland.

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