Saturday, 2 April 2011

A stony furrow to plough.

Every year the fields are ploughed, over centuries, and yet every year appear all these stones. Sometimes there are huge boulders that appear. They come to the surface all by themselves. Isnt that weird. You would think by now there wouldnt be a stone left. Bit like life really. And Nature creates all these wonderful cloud formations.

So when you are ploughing a stony furrow, remember to look up as well as down.

There, a bit of philosophy for you.

So if I dont manage paragraphs in my posting today I shall consider launching this machine into the stratosphere!

Had fun and games with people on freecycle today. This is a site to save things going into land fill but you cannot be bothered to try and sell them you offer to others free of charge. Today people have been contacting me about a sideboard, a computer table, portable t.v.s and bedding, that I had offered. The amount of people who expect you to deliver astounds me. Some there is no please or thank you. One just said , "Deliver to ...." and gave an address in Aberdeen. Thats a tank load of petrol, an hour and a half round trip, why the hell should I?

Then there are the people who email you immediately the item is posted saying me, me, me and when you say o.k. and give them directions, they then email back - after a few hours - and say they dont want it after all. Meanwhile you have hung around waiting for them to come. So rude and inconsiderate.

Anyway, the bedding has gone - off to Ghana would you believe!

Both t.v.s to a lovely family.

The sideboard is still here and may be collected tomorrow, once they get around to measuring their car..... and the computer desk also sits waiting for a man who despite saying he would come today as he was free all weekend, then realised we were not in Aberdeen so will come tomorrow.

The latter two items have had a lot of people asking for them, some no doubt who would have collected by now.....One's faith in the human race does get dented now and then.

So that was my stony furrow for the day. Now the sun is out and I await the sunset.

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Jill said...

Thanks Lynn - it worked!