Monday, 25 April 2011

More neighbours stately gnomes.

Cairness House. From the front. Haven't found a picture of the back as yet as it has an amazing curved bit, similar to the avenues in Bath. This is the house we can see from our front window.

Now this, below, is Crimonmogate, which I think has a far more wow frontage. The owner of this one is a member of my Rotary and we all went for Christmas drinks and nibbles. Christmas before last. This Summer I am having a bit of a do and hope the owners have as good a time here as I did there! They wont fall over servants here as I did there.....

And finally, this is Cortes House. I dont know much about this one at all, but you can book it for £3736 a week! Bit different to the self catering holidays we used to have.

After a very gloomy start to the day, and rain, the sun came out. It is still warm and no wind. There was always a wind at our previous home. You would think that being nearer the sea it would be more windy here, but so far, not so. Unfortunately, yet again, I had concentrated on housework and by the time the sun made an appearance I was too weary to do any more than drive to Argos, buy some more curtain rings and another cat door. The joiner is calling in this evening to "Hae a looky."

Leaving Cherry Cottage you drive with fields on either side. One ploughed field to the rear of us. The rest are grass. Cows, calves, horses, sheep, including one small field with ewes in and their lambs, almost all the sheep have twins. After a few minutes you come to a cross roads and can see the sea. Left is to Fraserburgh, right to St Combs, straight on for Inverallochy and Cairnbulg. Fraserburgh is a town. The other three are fishing villages. Well, they were. The houses there tend to be all gable end on to the sea. So living there you have to come outside to get a sea view! So onto Fraserburgh. The golf course is on either side of the road, the sea side is on dunes. So I now drive to my nearest town with the sea in view all the way. At the end of this road is a cemetery on your left, and Argos, Lidl and Pets at Home facing you , with Tescos on your left. If you turn right there is the esplanade, and then the harbour.

Aren't I the lucky one.

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