Thursday, 14 April 2011

You just have to laugh!

This is so true to our current situation!

Our removal man said we would need 100 boxes. Obviously a professional. I had looked at him askance. But we are down to only three empty ones and still have the last minute things to pack, including the computer and two t.v.s.

I am now packing bags and stuffing them in my car with the things we will need asap and not have to open boxes to find. I have, of course, to leave room in the car for three cat boxes.

In the morning the cats will be put into an empty bedroom, with food, litter tray and water. As they all hate each other they will still be fine in the bedroom as it is very large. They will have their travelling boxes to sit in if they wish and the quilt off our bed as a comfort blanket.

Once we move them into the new house the only place I can shut them in is one of the bathrooms. They will have the same comfort blanket, litter tray and food and water, but in a much smaller room. And the vets is further away....

I have moved cats quite a few times now and each time it has been something of an adventure.

Probably the worst one was moving four cats, two rabbits and a goldfish. This was from Yorkshire to Staffordshire, so quite a long journey. One of the cats escaped from its basket within minutes of us setting off and sat and dribbled on the daughter who was supposed to be helping, but was no help at all. Being screamed at for dribbling, the cat disappeared under my seat, the driving seat, and being petrified it would get under the pedals, I had to do an emergency stop on the motorway. By this time the cat was in with the rabbit, who was not impressed, and had also become soaked from water sloshing around the fish.

Tranquillisers are often advised for moving pets. My father in law kindly donated his two ginger toms, before he would agree to moving out of his vast mansion, to downsize into my sister in laws, not quite so big, mansion. These two had to be moved from Cumbria to Staffordshire and he had already arranged for tranquillisers from the vets. Morning came for us to depart from Cumbria with the two cats. Well one of them was obviously psychic. Always slobbing around 24/7 one of them could not be found. He was eventually, but, by the time he was it was me who needed the tranquilliser. It was quite worrying driving down with two cats sitting very, very still, with that glazed fixed stare. I thought, I could really do with some of whatever they are on.

The parrot will also be in a cat basket/carrier. She is a good traveller. Main problem is getting her into the carrier. She has been trained, by me, to "Step up", onto my hand. And later to "Step down". This is fine so long as she doesnt see the cat box.

We had a practice run today as Mike wanted to check the cage would fit in to his car. So I had to put her in a cat box while he took the cage outside and put it in the car. Seemple. Well, no, she saw the cat box. So while I had one clawed foot doing as it was told, "Step up!" the other was firmly fixed to the side of the cage. The beak was , to be fair quite gently, holding on to my thumb. However, knowing she can crack a walnut I wasnt too comfortable with that. For some reason if you hold a towel above her head, or any piece of material to be honest, she will obey. So having prepared myself with a tea towel stuffed in my pocket I held this over her head and she was in the cat box in no time and I only had a bruise on my thumb - not copious amounts of blood. (And the worry that she will remember what me sticking my hand in tomorrow and saying, "Step up," will mean.)

So, tomorrow it all happens. We move, lock stock and cats and a parrot. And no tranquillisers till after it is all over. The wine is of course in the bag marked will need asap.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you the very best of luck with your move. I hope the animals behave for you.
I have moved cats and you are right they are phsycic! Best to shut them in WAY before you want to know where they are.

Love Topnan.

Lynn said...

good luck
main pc back up and running thanks to Greg - please email me loads of piccies :) Also I need an email as PC has lost your email address and I hadn't written your new snail mail address in my book yet - wee small pressie ready to post :)