Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Three evenings to go....

Here is the promised picture of a cherry tree flowering.
The spinney to the rear of Greenbrae has lots of cherry trees, and pine trees, rowans and a solitary holly, so doesnt have berries. The birds love it. Plus we have a feeding station out there and nest boxes. Single ones and a terrace for the sparrows!

The above is a picture of a Marsh Harrier. Earlier this week we were told to watch out for one as it had been seen heading for our river, the Ugie, in the valley. So far, not seen. What we have seen are two white pheasants, not together, but in the same field. Our resident,normal coloured pheasant, Percy, is calling in the spinney. It is that time of year. Funny way to get a girl friend, walk up and down, shout and then flap your wings, which make a loud whirring noise. I am hopeful one of the white ones will hear him and answer his call.

It was only a week ago the field across the road was sown and already it has a green tinge.

Isn't nature amazing.

Down on the ground, at the coal face so to speak, its still packing boxes. This last lot remain unsealed as we are still using the things that will go in them.

Mike has done two trips today to our new abode. Hopefully, that is the last of the outside stuff. He did ask me why he was taking plant troughs with grass in them. Ah but there are plants underneath the grass! Well I think there are.

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