Monday, 4 April 2011

Well now.....

Today we returned to Cherry Cottage, our new home in just under two weeks.

We went so that the current owner could explain to us all the technology built in. Dont ask me to now explain it to you, most of it went over my head. Suffice it to say that there are remotes to turn on everything and anything; almost every room is wired up for sky, telephone, computer, music, radio et al. The lights - remote control. There is even a cd player in the sauna. Yes, we have a sauna. He apologised that the summer house would not receive t.v. signals since the digital change over......but there was a way round it......NO!

There is a fridge freezer built in in the kitchen. There is also one in the dining room, and at least one more fridge for your wine, possibly another for your beer, in there as well. So why am I even considering hanging on to my white American style fridge freezer, when the kitchen is black work tops over pale wood? There is also a built in oven and hob, so why am I considering hanging on to my double oven cooker?(and I think I have packed up its manual and dont know in which box!) Both these items would have to be stored in the garage - just in case - am I totally mad?

To say I am shell shocked is to put it mildly. This is our fourth visit and it is only now that I am realising that quite a lot of our furniture just will not 'go'. The rooms in the house we went round today were all now empty. So what is to remain came more to the fore.

Whilst focussing on pruning what we have, so it will physically fit in, I have not looked at the aesthetic fitting in. And the dining room I really have to re-think. This was where our five dark wooden shelving units were to be put. (I think I have packed up about twenty boxes of books, so we do need shelving) They just will not 'go'. We were to buy a new dining table as our buyers are buying the tables here, but I hadnt really gone beyond a table that was oval, just because I have always wanted one, that would extend for when the family were visiting. Now I am seriously considering something along the lines of the picture above.

The television that here sits on a brown wood cupboard would look totally naff. The fittings and electrics are all there in the 'new' house for the t.v. to be fixed to the wall. So be it. Yet another item to freecycle.

And do you know what I have just done? Freecycled all my house magazines! So I can't spend the evening trawling through for inspiration. Though I do remember something about Philip Starck dining chairs.....


Lynn said...

Ok let's breathe deeply here! You need nice new shiny new magazines :) On offer 3 for 2 (or was it 4 for 3??) or some such at the moment. Love the PS chairs bit. IKEA do it for much less of course which leads to much more dosh for plants and artist paints, studio stuff and bottles of wine :) This is a whole new approach "Jill goes black and white minimalist" Do I sound like "Fronk" in Father of the Bride?
Please keep fridge and oven til you see the running state of theirs.
Ok will back off.

Lynn said...

I hardly like to tell you this now but.......

each box has a number & it's room destination and you write on a page in your "moving house" notebook the number, it's room and its contents.

Anal I know. But you still love me!

Jill said...

I do indeed. STILL LOVE YOU. But our boxes dont have such, so I have to do my own labels...I have had to unpack so many boxes I have learnt the hard way.

Lynn said...

No my boxes didn't have this but I read it in Shirley Conley's (I think - the woman who was married to the Habitat guy years ago) Superwoman book - now she was anal - she had lists for EVERYTHING!!!!! But I loved her nearly as much as Perfect Housewife.