Thursday, 11 October 2018


Foul weather today.  Cloudy, then rain and wind too.  So I did not go out to the Prom.  I can cope with most weather but when all the bad bits come at once nah.

Plenty to do on the exhibition stuff.  Printer went on the blink .  Managed to sort it eventually.  

Through the Shedudio window.  Lashings of rain.

Cosy on the inside.

I had a visitor.  Alistair from Photo Gifts.  We were sorting out the trophies for the Best in Show at the exhibition.  We have a visitor voting paper for the best photo and best art work.  This year we are going for a plaque.  Past years it has been a similar trophy to a sports trophy which wasn't really appropriate.  At the end of the last day, Sunday there is a quick count up.  Then when the artists/photographers come to collect their unsold work and find out if they have sold anything there is a presentation and photographs taken.

Lots of garden birds feeding today.  Been a few days with not many at the feeders.  Probably something to do with this lady.

Who poses well.  Here is my back, and now my front.

Extremely windy forecast for tomorrow, but no rain.  So I may make it as far as the railings, but whether I can hold the camera steady?  We shall see.

I have begun a campaign to stop cars leaving their engines on when parked at the Prom.  Going up on social media, facebook, and getting likes.  Also one of the councillors is to approach Environmental Health re some sort of signing.  Its bad for the environment, bad for me, kids, everyone, so why the heck do they do it?  Presumably all in company cars so the cost doesnt bother them.

Not ready to hibernate yet.  Or for the twilight years, heaven forfend.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

Your weather is much worse that ours.
It astounded me the amount of mothers who would sit outside the school, windows shut tight, (in summer the aircon on and in winter the heater) the engine rumbling away with the woman staring at her phone.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

Good for you re: campaign. We often see people parked in Sainsbury's with their engines running presumably whilst the other half runs in to do the shopping.
Weather better than forecasted here in Yorkshire today but then had a downpour as soon as we turned into our drive to get out of the car. Typical!

mamasmercantile said...

It is blowing a gale out there today, Storm Callum has hit. Your studio looks cosy and to see all those bird, what a delight.

Mum said...

Going for a plague this year? My mistake, read it wrong!