Friday, 13 December 2013

Pre Christmas Catch up.

Sunset on the Forth Road Bridge, Edinburgh.

Vehicles leaving and coming.


Tradesmens Entrance into Edinburgh Castle.  

After dog sitting over the weekend the Dawn Patroller went off to Edinburgh for a few days.  Taking costly gifts to three of the daughters and two of the grandchildren.  And taking lots of high tech photographs, none of the grandchildren......

Without the master chef I got a bit fed up of Ryvitas.  Had some beans on toast one evening which set off Sith cat's memories of tin opening meaning meat, sadly our cats get dry biscuits only, but they both have an excellent set of clean teeth.

Yesterday was somewhat better as my art group had their Christmas Lunch at the Leisure Centre.

There are certainly at least two, if not more, well under retirement age, but it was busy and the waitress charged us all at the OAP rate!!  Thats really why everyone is smiling.

The day before that a small group gathered at the Lighthouse Museum to make Christmas Wreaths.  I staggered in carrying about six bags, two crammed with most of the evergreen prunings from our garden, bags with ribbons, fixings, etc.  Only to find the 12 who had signed up had reduced to 5.....

I also introduced the masses (!) to making Pomanders.

Oranges, Cloves, Ribbons, Orris root powder, cinnamon powder, nutmeg, mixed spice, all dusted overThe smell was divine, we were all off on one, far better than the illegal stuff.

 All my Christmas Parcels have now gone.  And yes  we had the whole Security Questions on each one.  I am so glad I hadnt shopped at Anne Summers.

So now I have no excuse. Do we get a tree or not?  My efforts so far have been to bring on the bits and pieces.  

Which basically consisted of me plonking wherever.


Whilst walking past the front window, glancing in, I realised that this Santa had been mooning at every person person passing......

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Mum said...

While the cat's away, the mice will play. What's this about illegal stuff and gentlemen showing off their private parts in windows?
Love from Mum