Wednesday, 25 December 2013

How was it for you?

Santa on his way homeward.

He was excellent as usual.  Visiting Lincoln and my granddaughter.  So we caught up with his leavings via Skype.

The rest of our family were together in Edinburgh.  Three daughters, partners and two grandsons.  Skype again.  No pictures, all we saw of the boys was their backs stuck in to some construction!

The DP and I still enjoyed our Christmas.  Exchanging gifts and listening to the Messiah.  This is one tradition that has now spanned two generations.  My Dad always played it on Christmas Day.  I wonder what he would make of cds and cassettes, as in those days it was long player records or reel to reel tapes. Even when he was in hospital we staggered in with heavy box effort which played the tapes.  Permission sought and granted, though I bet there were a few patients who thought their end had come!

Oh and the glass of sherry around 10 a.m. tho I do seem to remember when the girls were small it was probably a bit earlier......

One of my gifts from the daughters was a 'real artists hat'.  Well they do say if your head is warm the rest of you is, so great for down the shedudio.

The above was made by one of my dearest friends.  Just putting the photo up for you all is bringing a tear to mine eye.  Isnt that just so wonderful?  It is my shed.

The Dawn Patroller really came up trumps.  He got quite a few tops.  I am not alone in trying to get him away from boring old men stuff.  He is one step away from a brown cardigan.  I kid you not.  Also he was given the latest Rebus and Discworld books.  He gets the telescope when we have sorted the heating out.

So back to trumps.

 A personalised calendar.  Not only does every month depict one of my paintings but all the birthdays, anniversaries are all highlighted.  Gob smacked.  I also received a car sticker and note book with my paintings on. 

Being as its just the two of us I tootled off to the shedudio in the afternoon leaving him to read a book.

I was not feeling very Christmassy, love to all men etc., as it got dark way too fast and I was on a roll with this painting.

  But, hey ho, back up in the warm and smelling lovely cooking smells.

So How was it for You?


Mum said...

Food, family, friends, full!
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

It was a wonderful day thank you Jill !
What delightful presents you received x

Anonymous said...

We have been absolutely spoiled rotten by friends and family, and have enjoyed eating at the table together (the Dafter able to do so two days in a row!), and just relaxing. We played Charades for the first time - what a hoot!

I LOVE your cross-stitch gift! Those are the best kind. You deserve such personalised presents.

Keep on enjoying the holidays! Love from all of us here.

Dragonfly Dreams said...

It looks like you had a suburb Christmas Day! I do love the cross-stitch, as well as your beautiful calendar. I enjoy reading your blog - thank you for sharing with us! Happy Hogmany!

justjill said...

Welcome Dragonfly. You needto get blogging again. Hope things are improving. X