Monday, 16 December 2013


I was called for jury  duty, starting today.  When I telephoned yesterday I was not required, so had an unexpected day off.

Down the shedudio.  Struggling.

I had been asked to paint from a photograph of a dog and a cat looking out into the garden.  But they didnt want the concrete path or the garden so I did hills, a sunrise, all very twee.

She said it looked like the parting of the seas...... Well, yes, she isnt far wrong.

Well, after countless attempts to remove said sea, sunrise, this is it.  OKAY.

  After staggering up from the shedudio, I discovered there is a SANTA CLAUS!!  Its (as I always knew it was - the Dawn Patroller.)

Unfortunately I am called for jury service tomorrow.  (Oh and the tree came from Russia.)  So down to the Dawn Patroller to string on the lights and put on the star.  And at some time when I have finished being one of the 12 men good and true....WOMEN.... we might have our foreign tree decorated.

Is there any justice in this world?  Find out tomorrow.


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rusty duck said...

Does this mean all the lights are coming off the bookshelves now?