Sunday, 1 December 2013


Totally un-organised.  Oh woe.  The first weekend in December we always journey out and purchase a locally grown tree.  Have to be next weekend.

 This is last year.

I have done (most of) the Christmas Cards and posted them.  A first for me was getting the ones for abroad off by the required date.

And no, I did not complete the whole of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Day one, Day three. Enough.

Frantic to find out what daughters would like. 

One said she would love a painting of a cow.

 Nae bother.

Another said she would love my Black Dog Painting.

 Wonderful!  Really thought I was winning.  Then I received a summons.  For Jury Duty.  

And an offer on the Coo painting.....

See you after whats left of Christmas.  Can I do I.O.U.s?


Anonymous said...

Roll on new year! xxx

BadPenny said...

Jury service ? oh no !

I really like your black dog too. Bought a book about the black dog to understand him better; do you know - he doesn't like red wine like we do ? bummer xx

rusty duck said...

I love that hairy coo! No wonder you got an offer. He's gorgeous.
Jury duty... take a book, knitting, sketch pad, anything. I've done it twice, lots of sitting around.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

That black dog painting is fabulous, and ditto the cow, I'm not surprised your girls want them.

I'm never on schedule for Christmas if that means starting on December 1st, but I'm always ready when the time comes ... as we all know the best advice is 'Don't Panic!' :D