Monday, 30 December 2013

Whats Occurring?

This is mad.  This rose bush is smothered in buds and some opening blooms. 30th December?  Admittedly we have had no severe frosts this year.  Frosts making the ground shine, but not that hard.  The first Spring bulbs are shooting up.  But I think thats normal, then they just sit there for a while.  Speaking of bulbs.  I still have another load of Alliums to get in, which I had completely forgotten about. 

Yesterday the DP went off with friends on a photographic jaunt.  Up the Dee Valley.  Sometimes I regret I cannot walk far.

After walking through here.  This is what you see.

 Wow, just does not come into it.

The DP takes his camera everywhere with him.  Along the way to the supermarket he will stop and take a look.

 He usually makes a detour to Cairnbulg.  A Curlew.  We get fields full of them at this time of year.


 One of my favourite birds (to paint as well) the Oyster Catchers.  Another painting planned.

I have got three on the go at the moment.  Watercolours are exciting, but one does have to show some restraint!  As in wait for the paint to dry.

So, the above is the three on the go.  May look like some murky rubbish to you.  I have Sanderlings at the top left, playing in the surf.  Two Redshanks spiralling down, playing, on the right, and there is a whole row of OysterCatchers with an extremely frothy sea behind them and the cliff edge they are on.

Constrained by not much daylight and paint drying.  Aaaargh.

We had a lovely Open House Saturday.  Sadly no photographich evidence.  The DP was doing the food and I was opening the wine.  And drinking it.

Tomorrow is Hogmanay.  The Lighthouse Museum is catering for a wedding.  The DP is the Official Photographer.  I have been invited as the bride and groom didnt want me to be alone on Hogmanay.  Well bless.  No way am I going to invade someones special day.

Best wishes to all.



Anonymous said...

Wow, weird goings-on with the roses indeed! Fab photos and fab paintings, as always, xxx


Wow .. I bet that waterfall was noisy too.
I do admire people who have mastered photography .. I have no idea about it.
Have a good one xx

rusty duck said...

One legged oyster catchers!
Love reading your blog too.
Have a very Happy New Year Jill xx

BadPenny said...

He photographs - you paint - a great artistic team !

My tete a tete bulbs are coming up.

Happy New year Jill xx

Anonymous said...

Someone told me that the daffodils are up in the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh - definitely a very strange year.

Wishing you both all good things in 2014, Jill. Keep up the fab blog- and art-work! xox

justjill said...

Penny, they are tete a tete coming up here too.

justjill said...

Penny, they are tete a tete coming up here too.

justjill said...

Penny, they are tete a tete coming up here too.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful place to visit, I'm sorry you can't walk that far, but at least you have the photos as well we do, I would never get to see this amazing spot if it weren't for your blog, I thank you for that, I love to see the process in my painting friends work, they will be beautiful no doubt, Your rose is amazing and to my snow weary eyes it is a joy! Have a wonderful New Years eve and Happy new Year to you!!!!!