Thursday, 19 December 2013

I (did not) shoot the Sheriff.

What an interesting week.  I was summoned for Jury Service.  Sunday evening I had to phone -  and my number(83) was not required.  Well, I didnt know what to do with myself.  I had no excuses, I had to do housework.

Monday evening I phoned and I was required.  

I was there very early.  Not sure where to park, I cant walk far, found a spot.  Then had to have a cappuccino in a very nice cafe as I was so early.

 Then walked up to the courthouse.

This is where we all sat.  Note the glass screens.  The Court Clerks did a very good comedy act, presumably trying to make us feel at ease.  But it was from the other side of the glass screens so none of us could hear clearly, even the younger ones.  Left us all a tad confused.

Then we all trooped into the proper court room and were addressed by the Sheriff.  His Deputy then produced a goldfish bowl and took out numbered pieces of paper.  

I said to the woman next to me, "I dare you to shout House," she didnt. 

 So my number didnt come out.  The ones who did had to go sit in the jury box.

  Subsequently the Sheriff announced a comfort break but us dregs and remnants were told to stay where we were.  Thats not Justice is it?  Even the defendants got took off to the loo.  At which point I have to say I was very relieved, mentally, that the woman sat next to me was not chosen as she said, "Guilty, you only have to look at him."

Eventually at 11.30 (from a start of 9.45.) we were told we could go.  And I did.  Bursting I was.

But we still had to phone after 5.30p.m. that evening.

So far this 26 mile round trip had given me physical bladder pain. And my purse was crying out as I had to go into New Look, we dont have one in the Broch, and came home with a complete new outfit, - and a handbag.  If I had been selected I would have got a free lunch too.........

Back home to the Ryvitas.  Then phoning again after 5.30.  Not required, but had to phone again the next evening.,......  By this time I felt I had lost complete control of my life.

In between I actually did some IRONING.  Found stuff in the basket which meant I really didnt need a complete new outfit.....

and dressed the Christmas Tree.

Its very fat.

Then I phoned again, "You are not required, and your session is now terminated."

TERMINATED.  I had just spent three days in LIMBO, only to be terminated.

So deep breath, down the shedudio.

 Redshanks sorting through the rubbish from the last storm.

A Sea Otter, started.

Tonight I finally feel unwound, can relax.  We are off to the Lighthouse Museum for Secret Santa, into town for a curry and then the Panto.  Beauty and the Beast.  

Could it really be Christmas?




BadPenny said...

Never been called for jury service & hope never to be.

I like fat Christmas trees x

Terra said...

You shared about jury duty in a humorous way. I would need a ladies' room break too.

Mum said...

I think you can relax now you do not have to find anyone guilty or not guilty. Shame about not having the free lunch.
Enjoy the panto.
Love from Mum


What a nightmare .. all that hanging around.
Curry sounds good ... i do love a good curry ...
Love the Redshanks ..

Vicky x

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

My son caught called for jury service a couple of years back ... similar nightmare.

You're looking very festive up there :)

Loved the musical link in the last post Jill.