Saturday, 14 December 2013

Alternatives to hanging your baubles on a tree.,.,

First time in 33 years - no Christmas tree. 

Years ago we used to tramp around the local Forestry Commission, kids in tow, wellied up, selecting a tree.

Until we discovered they were all imported.

Then we discovered we could buy a locally grown tree, indeed, so local we could see the thing growing from our window.

So from then on thats where our tree came from.

Okay - wrong time of year, but sadly, no pic of the farm in Winter.  Auchtydonald is just outside Mintlaw and in the Summer grows strawberries and raspberriesIf you shop in Tescos in Scotland the strawberries will have most probably have come from there. (tho as natives we get a different kind, which tastes a lot better, maybe not as 'perfect' to look at of course.)

This year I had to be a bit more inventive.

Christmas lights on shelves rather than branches.

 Spread out the impact.

Filled every vase, glass, cake stand with baubles.

Hung from flying birds.

 Who needs a Christmas Tree.

Perhaps next year we will get there before they have all sold.


BadPenny said...

Very pretty Jill tree or no tree.

Laura Amy said...

Very creative! I have some friends who pin their baubles to the ceiling of their living room instead -- this year's count is at 834!

Terra said...

You got very creative with those festive touches.

Marjorie said...

Love your decorating ideas. Sorry you missed the tree this year. We don't put ours up til Christmas eve as my husband and grown up sons have a lifelong tradition of going out and cutting one down on our land. I would love to have the tree up longer but no luck.

rusty duck said...

Your shelves are looking very festive. I love the star on the top!

Mum said...

Festive non the less.
Love from Mum

Mum said...

I'm back again. Take a look here
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Good on you for making things festive anyway! :) xx