Friday, 27 December 2013

Yesterday I cleaned my bathroom.

Funny when you stop.  Chill. Then shock, horror takes over.  So I cleaned the bathroom. Vinegar spray, borax, now pristine.

Meanwhile the Dawn Patroller was being official photographer at the Lifeboat Boxing Day Swim.  Fraserburgh Harbour.  Apaarently we had unseasonal weather and the temperature was 10 degree.  Not in the sea it wasnt.

 Just in case.....
Do not be fooled by the sunshine.

 I think thats our accountant!

It was a lovely sunny, still day.  But I can assure you that sea was cold.  28 people jumped in and swam.  There were hundreds of spectators, not daft them.  Hopefully they all donated loads to the R.N.L.I.

Today I dusted everything that didn't move.  Cleaned mirrors.  Not sure why we have so many, I never look in them, oh no I don't.

In the afternoon I finished off the Sun worshipping Hare, as opposed to, what everyone else does, Moon Gazing.  And finished next years Christmas Card,

Title: "You did say fly?!"

There was another reason for me going ballistic on the cleaning front.  Tomorrow evening its Open House at Chez Nous.  The DP has been busy in the kitchen. Some strange looking things have been produced.  I was in charge of inviting folks.  Just managed to stop putting it on facebook.  (There would be nowhere for them to park.) But I still have no idea on who is coming or how many.  Dont care either.  You get to that point dont you when the dust you have moved starts wafting back down on to every surface......


Mum said...

Look at it this way - you've done the cleaning for this year. Enjoy the do.
Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

Brrrrr. I'd take cleaning over dipping any day.

BadPenny said...

My bathroom is growing mould & I have family arriving today... but they can bathe in the hot tub !

Jay said...

I love your paintings, and I love an open house at Christmas time, enjoy.

justjill said...

Welcome Jay. Following you. My Dad was a cricketer, yawn!