Sunday, 22 December 2013

Birthdays at Christmas - well nearly.

I have two daughters born in December.  12th and 19th.  Always takes me by surprise.  Bad planning on my part.  Two in August, another expensive month, and then these two.  Do the Christmas Cards and then panic, need birthday cards.....

Our lovely friend Ron, who is a fellow trustee at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, was 70 yesterday.

This is he in the cafe.

Which in the evening turns into a restaurant.  So what better place to celebrate.

This was the Salmon.

But Ron and I share a love of cow.  This was a fillet steak. 

And this the Turkey.

There were starters.  No pictures.  Disappeared very fast.  White Onion Soup and prawns with Salmon.  

One needs to be aware of the stalwart back of house staff.  This is Shane our dishwasher of the evening.  

Shane also waters the planted tubs outside the Museum, when prompted, and seeing me said, "Ah, Jill, I'll be watering the plants tomorrow."  

"They arent there any more Shane, ...... its Winter."

Our wonderful chef Kipras, also known as Kipietoffeepuddding.  Which were amazing, again the size of a brick.  But I ate it all.  Other choices were Christmas Pudding and a medley of ice creams.  

(This chef is 17 years old.  At college, where he tends to spend his time being extremely frustrated.)  (They spent a whole day on making bread and before we even started our meal we were presented with bread rolls made from beetroot among other things.)

So this is us stuffed.

Everyone else took their silly hats off when they saw the camera, except the DP and Ron's wife.  Me clutching the red of course.  (I have seen it knocked over before, and I got very cross, and didnt want to spoil a lovely evening.) is the team.  Not one over 20, apart from the big guy, the Manager.  Fantastic, the lot of them.

Happy Birthday to all who have the misfortune to have been born in December.


Mum said...

I'm surprised you can move after all that lot!
Love from Mum

Beth said...

Well you'd need a pudding the size of a brick after that stingy main! TWO sprouts?

Had to laugh at your attempt to be posh - "this is he in the cafe"
I think you'll find the correct English is "this is him in the cafe"

Perhaps you'd had more than the one glass!

BadPenny said...

Brilliant festivities you are having - yes just over a December birthday & here we are ready for Christmas..... and yes I have the red wine flowing x

Terra said...

Wow all those December birthdays, and two in August. The meal looks delicious.