Sunday, 8 December 2013

Oh Christmas Tree...

Still havent got a tree!!!!

This is the reason why.

Our friend's dog, bitch, no really.  Blue.

 Cannot be left alone for long.

So the Dawn Patroller is spending the weekend with her while her owner is away.

She can't come here as she sees cats as Great Fun!!  And the feeling is not mutual.

But she does pose well.

Now these two I would have preferred seeing their faces.

 Never one to turn down a challenge, I have begun.

As the DP is away to Edinburgh tomorrow delivering presents, I should be able to complete these two.  Tis not allowed for me to go and get a tree on my own........

So, just hope there are some Christmas Trees left.


Mum said...

Never mind, they'll be cheaper after Christmas! :)
Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

You are way ahead of me even thinking about a tree. Loads of time.. I hope?

Marjorie said...

We don't put up our tree until Xmas Eve as the husband goes out with our three grown sons to cut one down on our property. We will get a fake one when they don't come home for Xmas holidays anymore.
Love the painting of the cat and Westie.