Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cat(ch) up!

On Wednesday at my Art Group I started the painting below.  Once back at home I continued until it became dark.  Sometimes it is so much fun that when you stand back to look see its a "Yes!" and a punch in the air.  

 These two belong (if cats ever belong) to a friend of mine who lives many miles away. but posted the photograph on facebook.

  They were sitting on top of her fridge freezer.  Hence the 'deformed' appearance of Dolly on the right, waiting for the "Get off there!"  Harvey on the left saying, "What?"

Discussions the following morning with my framer, and friend, DougHe is to play about with the mounting.  I suggested we used the mount as a 'shelf', he is thinking about putting them in a box.  Cats like boxes.  Quite exciting and a bit different.

Later that day I had the pleasure of presenting prizes to a young lady who had entered the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Christmas Card Challenge.  I started this off last year when it was very successful and this year was no different.  

 The challenge is to include a lighthouse.  This entry was from a 10 year old.  An easy winner.  Just love Santa surfing!

Thursday, after school, we were joined by our prize winner, her Mum and her teacher (who I had had to ask to verify it was all her own work !)  The prize was a free visit and tour of the Lighthouse for a family of 4, a t shirt, a book about lighthouses, and a bag.  

The DP and I have spent most of our evenings preceding creating the card into a saleable item as the official Christmas Card for the lighthouse

So here I am, on the right, the winner in the middle, and her teacher on the left.  The original drawing with the on sale Christmas Card to the left.  Is that one on the left old enough to be a teacher?????

Friday was an exciting day.  Not particularly pleasurably so.  The Board of Trustees meeting of the Museum, still fighting for its existence.  The weather threw a 90mph wind at us.  Not sure whether that was in support or not!

 This was over 70mph.
Over 80
And these were the two idiots who went up the lighthouse to check it.  Must remember next time I need a blow dry to save my money and go up there.

And finally just to let you all know I am fine.  The wind lifted me off my feet but I managed to grab the wing mirror on the car and .....survived.  That was a catch up I could have done without!


Terra said...

Cute prize winning Christmas card and fabulous cat painting by you. Don't get blown away in those gusts, and I hope the museum is financially ok.

BadPenny said...

Oh Jill you could have been blown to the top of the lighthouse ! Take care.
Sweet Christmas card.
Your cats are delightful; will their " owner " buy your painting ?