Friday, 3 May 2013

Spring, Summer?

 Well now, I do think nature is really dragging its heels, but given the weather who can blame her.

It is May, and we have daffodills still coming out, and the birds finally singing their love songs and pairing off.  Very late.

A wee bit of cherry blossom, though the ones in our garden and from which our cottage is named are way behind the above bloom.   Tulips are tight budded.  And its still b***** cold.

My Art group have planned a day out in June.  En Pleine Air.  ( outside). Painting, I have the hat to shade myself from the sun..... Good job it has a wide brim as it will probably be sheltering me from the rain.  Reminder, also take wind break.


rusty duck said...

And a hip flask?

BadPenny said...

I can hear chirrping in the eves of my neighbours house & watch Mr & Mrs Starling to & fro with snacks ! Also found half a blackbird's egg.
The wood pigeons are still necking on the telephone wires !
Two hot days last week so I got me sandles out then the temperature plunged & boots & coat were back on !