Thursday, 30 May 2013

And the Winner is.

Our resident harbour seal. (Though actually a grey seal. )  When the Lobster Fishers return and, hopefully, empty their creels of lobsters, they also scop out the bait they have used and clean the creels.  So the bits of bait are scopped out to........

Juvenile Great Blacked Back Gull, also wants some.

So - the battle commences.  Sometimes the seal will hang on so tightly and the gull will hang on so tightly the seal drags the bird into the water so it then gives up.


Our weather remains odd.  Surreal mists in the evening.

Our two ornamental cherries have no blossom on.?

Fortunately the real ones, that produce fruit, have blossomed.

And in the field across the field, a lovely surprise.

A real winner.


Mum said...

Ahh! Sweet.
Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

The DP has excelled himself as ever. Love the shot of departing gull!

BadPenny said...

The third picture is hilarious !
Beautiful foal. We've been enjoying seeing the foals in the new forest.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous wee foal! Here in Aberdeen the haar hovered offshore in the morning and then crept in over us in the afternoon. And the cherry trees have been decidedly out-of-kilter here. The leaves have come out before the blossoms! I really miss seeing those lovely blossoms. There are a few here and there hidden within the leaves but you have to look. It must be because of the late spring.