Sunday, 26 May 2013

Happenings in the North East of Scotland.

At last - wind eased and the sun is shining.  Which in the early morning gives us a mist.

But then we all warm up.

Lobsters are back in season, fishing of that is.  I like lobster.

The Farmer is catching up.  This was the field the sheep were in, across the road.

Now it has neeps in, Swedes, Turnips, which the sheep feed on when the grass is poor in the Winter.

Up the road, at the beach, there are Jet Skiers today.  

Just round the corner, this would be your way to the beach!  The DP went round the coast so as to visit Troup Head, the largest onshore Gannetry.

Who could not love this beautiful bird?  Oh God, I feel another painting coming on.


Terra said...

I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing northeast Scotland with you. Free lobster, yum.

rusty duck said...

Oh God, I wish I was back there..

BadPenny said...

I've never eaten Lobster - even when we lived in Antigua. Husband once skippered a yacht in Maine where lobster was eaten in abundance.

The crops in the fields behind us are growing - winter wheat again I think. Rapeseed bright in the distance. One year we had corn on the cob & Joe liked hiding in it. When we first moved here the farm had dairy cows - but not now & I miss them.

I bet the Gannets were noisy !