Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Day of Rest.

The Dawn Patroller.  Now recovered from the cold he brought back from Edinburgh.

Finding more ruins within the woods.  What a story they would tell, if only they could.

Last man standing?  Sorry couldnt resist that one.

When the DP disappears off to buy the paper he is often gone quite a long time.  The camera is always with him.  

The Golden Horn, marks the entrance to Fraserburgh Harbour.

Looking in the opposite direction.

Towards Tiger Hill.

This afternoon he made the long trek into Aberdeen to change the curtains I bought yesterday.  Looking round my bedroom/office I think its high time I decluttered, sorted etc. to do them justice.

It was too nice to be inside however!  So I actually did some decluttering in the garden while the DP was away.

My pride and joy has settled in now and is sending up two spikes.  Rogersii, now taller than me.

Difficult to resist the calls of this photograph, paint me, paint me, but so far.......

But now, I am resting.


Mum said...

Great little house in the woods - what about painting that one? The deer is delightful.
Love from Mum

Terra said...

I think the sweet little deer thinks no one can see her, she is camouflaged by the grasses. I like the place names Tiger Hill, Golden Horn.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful area you live in, I would love to see this in person,

Anonymous said...

It's been rather a nice warm day, after a misty start, hasn't it? So glad you had a restful too, crocheting in the sunshine. Bliss.

Great pics by the DP as always, xx

rusty duck said...

That deer does need painting..
I have weeds taller than me, although I have to confess the target is not challenging. Rogersii much better though.