Saturday, 25 May 2013

Coast Festival.

At Banff and Macduff.

The above picture is of Banff.  The Bridge over the River Deveron.  And thats the way in for me coming from the South.  I also drive through Macduff, which has a harbour where they build boats.

and repair them.

Banff likes to think of itself a bit more upmarket than Macduff.  Needless to say I far prefer Macduff.

However, I concentrated my visit on Banff today.  Both towns put on the Coast Festival.  A celebration of arts, crafts, music, and loads of other stuff.

Like musicians wandering about playing clarinets, oboe, and if I had stayed long enough I am sure someone would have come along with an accordion, also present while I was there was a very small pipe band, and really tickled me that the leader had a Yorkshire accent.  This I witnessed whilst trying to extricate my car from the public car park, as they were practising in the bit that said "LEAVE CLEAR" , for people like me wanting to use the space to reverse then leave..... Not easy trying to avoid killing a wee drummer.   Who was being shouted at by the Yorkshire Leader, "Dont you strop on me."

The reason I concentrated on Banff was that friends of mine were exhibiting in an empty shop there.  This empty shop would make a fantastic permanent art gallery, being huge and all white walls.  It was 'Bargainland'.  But the bargains ?  Well it went bust.

Not the best photo, but this was a woman playing the clarinet.  At Banff Castle, which to be honest, just looks like a house.

Next to me at another table, I was having coffee and a cake, was this chap telling stories/poems.

I returned home having missed loads, but its on tomorrow as well.

The DP was clearing more of the cut hay (ex wildflower meadow)  and later having had a text message shot off to see a pod of Killer Whales, it all happens here.  

So I did  a bit of painting.  Having seen some of what was on offer today, at vast amounts of money, I felt I should....

I had my own coast festival of what is on my coast.


rusty duck said...

The gannets are superb.

Laurie said...

beautiful day and beautiful art!

BadPenny said...

Killer Whales ? Amazing ( didn't know it's called a pod )

What a lovely day filled with art & music.