Monday, 27 May 2013

So we had Spring, all one day of it.

Back to normal.

The Broch (Fraserburgh) lifeboat out on manoeuvres.

I believe it is a bank holiday today.  We don't take much notice of them up here.  Hogmanay, well that's different, the whole country closes for two days.  But anything in May nah.

So to brighten the end of your May celebrations here are some garden ornaments displaying in New Aberdour.

And a wee croft/cottage/dump being lived in and has been for many years, near Mintlaw.

I just love the eccentricities around.

And finally a quick tour round Fraserburgh Harbour.

One of our permanent residents.

Having had his tea.

Hope you all had a good day.


rusty duck said...

Beautiful seal.
But you have done nothing for my boat phobia Jill..

christinelaennec said...

Wow, I didn't realise there was a little slice of Appalachia up your way! That reminds me of a song that was in one of the student shows from a few years ago - sung to the tune of "Achey Breaky Heart": "Don't tell my paw / I'm really from Mintlaw / I just don't think he'd understand..." :-)

justjill said...

rusty duck, I didnt know you had a boat phobia, sorry, what should I avoid?
Christine, seriously, Mintlaw?!
Even more spooky we have an area called Aikey Brae, which I may blog about. Lots of history, tho currently being offered as a travellers camp site, much to the horror of the natives. Tho some of its history is that it was ancient rssting place for gypsies.

BadPenny said...

The little croft looks like something out of Little House on the Prairey ( can't spell )

rusty duck said...

Sorry Jill, I didn't mean to startle you!
I showed the lifeboat pic to Mike, and we both looked in awe at it.. pictures are not a problem, just so long as I don't actually have to get on the boat!