Monday, 20 May 2013

Work and play.

So this morning it was blitz the bedroom time.

Flick back to yesterday.


And now.

and now.

I filled two bags for the Charity Shop and one for the bin.  I went through cupboard and wardrobes like a woman possessed.  And then I cleaned.  Is there no end to this?

The curtains went up and are now hopefully becoming creased less.

I never thought to see the day I would have blue inside the house.  Its been a no no for me for many years.  But putting something next to my blowsy gold flowers and butterflies was not easy.  So duck egg blue it is.  (creases take about a week in past experience, otherwise its the iron out, bah.)

Then it was afternoon and time for the shed.  I staggered off down there with a bag full of stuff which had never quite made it, and where it belonged, not in the bedroom.

I am on with planning and plotting for the next round of Kids Activity Mornings at the lighthouse museum.  So far I have begun the poster, art wise, done a lot of downloading craft ideas from the internet and am gathering stuff to use to make the crafts with.

The poster has yet to have all the info put on and be 'coloured in', but its a start.  The above I aim to play about with so it can have different text below, such as 'This is to certify that ................................ attended the Kids Craft Activity on /at etc.'  The Lighthouse Logo will also be on everything I produce.

Then I had a bit of fun.

A friend of mine who does a blog called, has made her own charcoal!  How amazing is that.  And no she isnt hidden in the woods with a tent.  She does it on top of a stove.  And it doesnt take long.  Perhaps I will get her to blog about it.

So I had a go.

Lonmay hare.

Great fun.

(have to say that the DP has today done the shopping, been to get bird food, cut a bit of lawn, laid and lit the fire, cooked the tea, and brought the washing in.  Bless.)


Lynn said...

I love the colour of those curtains :)
Fab de-cluttering too.

Mum said...

You have him well trained. I was the one who 'did my own thing' today as well.
Love from Mum

christinelaennec said...

Wow I love that hare jumping away.

(And - why the ban on blue?)

Glad you had some fun.

BadPenny said...

I like your poster and charcoal hare very much.
I need to do a big spring clean & clear out too.
Strange but we have no curtains in this house - only blinds or bare windows.