Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Weird weather.

Not just in my corner of the world, in North East Scotland, but everywhere.  Snow in Middle England, Snow in Canada, well you expect it there, but not in May, they are still waiting for Spring.  Here we had a few warm days, well, the temperature increased a bit, and everything went mad.  Normally one has daffodils, followed by tulips, but everything is now coming up all at once!  (Pleased to see the bulbs I planted have come up, lots of Alliums!) (At the same time as daffodils, tulips, rhubarb!, )
Sadly no pictures, as when I was all prepared yesterday camera in hand, hung the washing out in bright sunshine, then a great wind came , half the Dawn Patrollers' T shirts headed for the North Sea, the sky darkened, hailstones as big as eggs, thunder, what is going on?  (Well I took shelter down the shed.)

The Dawn Patroller managed to take photographs on his dawn patrol, (but then he has a better, far more expensive camera than I.) (and it wasnt raining, or hailing, or thundering.)

 The Rooster is guarding the wood pile, part of which we are having/paying for, for  next Winter, well the next bit of the Winter, as it really has not come to an end yet.....

Well, I guess, life goes on.  The Robin bellowing to his partner, or one he has an eye on.

The DP has been away this last weekend, down in Edinburgh.  Moving youngest daughter from one flat to another, including two cats.  Also enjoying himself at the RSPB Bird Fair.  And taking grandchildren, sons of eldest daughter, on one of the days.

"Is this the countryside?"  Poor deprived child living in a city.

While he was away I kept the home fires burning.  And did quite a bit of painting.

Our art session this week has been concentrating on pen and ink.  I have now an obsession with Gannets.

All done in pen and ink.  And more to come!

Our part of the world has the largest onshore Gannetry at Troup Head.  The Gannets nest there each year.  Troup Head is an RSPB bird reserve and you can see it from the cliff, but also from the sea.  A fantastic sight.

So long as the weather does not portend an apocalypse should be a good season.  And only   six weeks or therabouts to Midsummers Day.......


rusty duck said...

I can't believe we had snow in Devon last night, and tonight it could freeze.
Beautiful gannets..

BadPenny said...

The heavens opened yesterday just as I was ready to go out. Sunny afternoon though & enjoyed my dog walk.
My daffs are all over allium looking sad as they try to grow & rhubarb looking good but with a weird cauliflower thing shooting out of it!

Anonymous said...

Don't remind me that midsummer is coming soon..."the nights will soon be drawing in" is what my neighbours will start saying! Nooooooo!

Fab photography, and those capture their indignant faces so well! (maybe they are cheesed off with the weather too!)

See you Saturday, yay!

justjill said...

Rhubarb. Get rid of the flower, its feeling threatened due to the daft weather.

Mum said...

My DH saw a fox running across our urban front garden the other day. A wonderful sight.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Your gannets are beautiful! And the fox - I was startled to see one walking down the street in Glasgow recently, very brazenly in broad daylight. Yours looks a lot healthier than its city cousin.