Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I love books.  I have always loved books.  I do not do Kindle.  I like the feel of a book, the smell of a book, and of course what is inside.

In our last home we had a library, a whole room that just contained books.  Part of that room is pictured above.

When we moved it was downsizing in a big way.  Now the same book shelves are in our sitting room.

Whilst idly scanning the shelves I realised what a load of books we had that we would never read again.  Past hobbies and interests, possibly someone else could benefit?
When you have a whole room dedicated to books - fine.  But now?

So far I have removed three large carrier bags full of books.  With not one single tear shed.
As you can see from the books remaining there were so many that storing them on the shelves had to be quite imaginative. (Stacking .) Or just plain daft. (Well, not very attractively displayed.)

So these are the first lot to be definitely going.

Some of the ancient ones I have googled.  I am waiting for the DP to double check, but there may be some which can be turned into money!  Yay.

It has been a real walk down memory lane.  And some I could not part with.

The classics remain.  My complete collection of Dickens novels, which I can still read and read again. Shakespeare, Austen,..... Our collection of crime novels, Mr Rankin, Agatha, Ngaio Marsh, et al.  
A huge collection of Bird Books..... belonging to the DP.  Anyone want to know about extinct ducks, we have a book.

But as I no longer have a conservatory, gone are the Conservatory Plant books, we no longer have a fish pond, so ....we are too old to be self sufficient. done that, bought the t shirt, any of my blogging friends need Mr Seymours advice, we have the books, so out goes the veg growing books too.  And sorry Anthea Turner but I will never ever be the Perfect Housewife.

Nor do I wish to be shabby chic, or do microwave crafting, or do my house a la Terence Conran.  Or Laura Ashley.

Isnt it amazing what we hang on to!!! 

Guess which ones I will never, ever part with?

Not because I read them any more.  Well I read them to the next lot of small people who I hope will love books, the smell of them, the feel of them.

In fact when I have some empty shelves........... I might just buy some more.


rusty duck said...

It's a good idea Jill. The bookshelves that we put up at the beginning of this year are already full.. I don't think I ever bought Perfect Housewife. I was a lost cause long ago.

justjill said...

Its interesting tho to look along the shelves. I will have no problem in filling them up again, but we do move on and our interests go in different directions! More shelves.....

Mum said...

Do I spot The Concise British Flora in Colour? We've got that one, in fact I think we've got two! Oh dear sorting through books is something that we should do aswell but as you say there are some books that cannot go. But which, though! Perhaps ours will stay on the shelves just a little bit longer.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

My mum's bottom bookshelf was always filled with childrens' books for visiting grandchildren ( all over 17 yrs now ! ) I loved choosing a bedtime story for them when on holiday at mum's.

justjill said...

Yes Mum, that and those of similar ilk will be remaining, not sure about the duck one tho!