Thursday, 23 May 2013

Here comes the wind - again.

Just had to check the date again, 23rd May.  Snow on the hills.  Hail and rain and the ****** wind.  40 mph yesterday 60 mph gusts today.

Today.  The above and below,  is the Golden Horn at the entrance to Fraserburgh Harbour, still waiting for good weather to repair the damage done by the Perfect Storm, earlier in the year.

One wonders when the weather will allow any repairs to be carried out.

The one below is the view from the Lighthouse Museum, the village is Broadsea.  The swell on the waves clearly visible.

Where we live, out in the country,  seems even windier.  Howling round the house, the cat door doesn't shut as a cat comes in, but sticks in horizontal mode and whistles, the chimney roars, the bird feeders are all on the ground.

I was at the Lighthouse Museum this afternoon and could not open my door to get out of the car.  I had to exit through the passenger door.  (I should have turned the car round, I know, but the brain wasn't working.)

My day today was a whirl wind, with some peaceful lulls.  I spent the morning honing up my lecture, ha ha, now there''s a surprise, you didn't know I did that as well, did you?

One p.m.  was first my Thursday afternoon Art Group.  Well, fast becoming, an Art very few of us group.
I spent the first hour on my own with the caretaker huffing and puffing, 
"So when can we go home?"  
Me, "If no-one else comes by 2 we will go."  
Five to 2 along comes on other. 
 At half past another.  That was my lull.  

Thursday Art Group is really a joke.  Wednesday morning the minimum turning up is 10, one day I might just tell you why there is this vast difference, but for now I will hold my tongue.

At 3p.m. I shot off to my picture framer to sort out which day his art groups exhibition was to be put up into the Lighthouse.  Fortuitously the partner of the person currently exhibiting was also there so we negotiated the dates for one coming down and t'other going up.  
And said partner was threatened that he actually remained on site, taking down, removing, etc. unlike when he delivered and then swanned off....leaving me and one other to do it all.

3.30p.m. saw me turn into

Aye well, lass, you retired.  But during your working life you had a variety of jobs, experiences, all of which we can tap into.  Its called Giving Back.

I dont mind really, its just dredging up those experiences is a bit traumatic, like can I still do it?

Twenty years ago I lectured on Child Development to GCSE students, 16 year olds.  Not sure what the equivalent is in other countries.   I also trained Child carers which covered a variety of subjects, food hygiene, child development, etc.

So today I did a presentation/teaching/lecture on Customer Care, Food Hygiene, etc.  Lots of etceteras, (thats where the wind comes in!  )

Well, a variety of ages, and experience in the audience. 

"Who is the most important person in the Museum?"

Answers ranged from, mainly, the Manager, then Trustees, which was basically creeping. 
As the manager was present, and a trustee, me, was leading.

Eventually we got - the Customer. Allelulia.  

From then on hopefully the message got across.

With a lot of laughs.  I do think you learn more if its fun.

And then - when will I ever learn, I announced the next training session would be on First Aid, and I hoped they would not be as bad as I.

When presented with a scenario of a person with bleeding varicose veins, while I and my partner discussed, for about five minutes, what we should do the examiner said, 

"Right  - shes dead."

But I still passed, and hope I passed all the challenges of today, despite the wind.


Laurie said...

what a day! and what a windy scary surf!!!

BadPenny said...

Busy lady in a whirlwind of activities !
The questions & answers at milking time the farm yesterday was fun & I learned a lot.

rusty duck said...

Power dressing eh?