Monday, 3 June 2013

Windless!!! Visit Fraserburgh NOW!

Now why would you want the Mediterranean?

Golden sands.  Deserted Golden Sands.  

Calm down dear, calm down.  


The last weekend saw tourists visiting the Lighthouse Museum in droves.  There were twice as many as the above containing a number of Italian guests.  Now I have used my schoolgirl French in the past, but this lot.... Ciao. Thats the limit, after that my teenage Spanish (holidays to Mallorca) went into mumble mode.

Also at the weekend was the Fraserburgh Lifeboat Open Day.  And I have no chance with Doric either.

Remember that Lifeboats depend on donations....  Leading the Pipe Band a volunteer (they all are) Lifeboat Person.

And one getting wet from sponges.  Getting wet he is used to.

Sunday was the Vintage Car Rally, its 22nd year, at Fraserburgh.

I have to say, though there are no pictures, that the cars I learned to drive in and then drove are now classed as Vintage.  Not good, really not good.

The weekend has been a fantastic one.  I almost forgot, that Saturday night was the 
Moonlight Prowl.  Another event that happens in the Broch every year.

To raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research.  Hundreds of women, dressed in pink, walking, running to raise money.

After my morning of bits and pieces after lunch it was into the garden.

The Rogersii dripping with nectar is enjoyed by a Greenfinch.

A House Sparrow feeds a baby, though I have also seen Tree Sparrows and House Sparrows just shoving food into any beak that is open, cross species feeding RSPB take note!

A Jackdaw filling his beak to take to his/her young.

A Magpie coming into land.

Clematis in bloom up the fence.

Rhubarb at the bottom of the fence.  Leaving it unpulled this year so it can recover being crammed in a pot since we moved.

Cannot remember what the above white flower is, tho I planted it.  But look at the buds on the Oriental Poppy.

Lots of buds too on the Paeonies.
Weeding, planting, a lot of admiring of previous efforts (!)

Now shattered.  Though I did manage a quick sketch of a flock of sheep which will be getting a scary paint job in the next few days.

So, the sun is still shining, 7.30p.m. there is no wind.  Time for a wine down.  


BadPenny said...

Your garden is looking superb and the birds wonderful - that Jackdaw !
So many mouths to feed.

All the festivities look fun & the weather great - enjoy !

Mum said...

It's great when the sun's out - there's plenty going on in your neck of the woods. I learnt to drive in a Ford Anglia - let's just call ourselves Vintage.
Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

It's all happening up there..!!

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful garden! things are very busy where you are!!!
beautiful photos!
thankyou so much for the kind words today!