Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Weather and my mood.

Is anyone else affected by the weather?

Today has been rain off and on, latterly heavy rain and the wind has speeded up and the skies have been gloomy.  So thats the way I have felt.  Gloomy.  Daft really.

This is how it really was.  Damp and dreary.

One of the very large fishing boats disappearing into the mizzle.

So, yet again, the photos have been enhanced.  Would that I could do this in real time!

Christina leaving the harbour.

Tiger Hill and the Kessock Burn.

Lots of Gulls until the dogs appear.

But they came back.

Off to vote tomorrow.  Will try very hard to be optimistic.....


Anonymous said...

We all have crap days, me too, lol but tomorrow is another day, onwards we go lol, better than the alternative lol, I love the beach even on dreary days, it looks beautiful to me and the gills are lovely.

crafty cat corner said...

The weather definitely affects our moods and also Tom's breathing.
At the moment the air is light and airy but when it is 'chicken licken' weather, ( meaning the sky feels like it's falling on your head') Tom finds it difficult and I am gloomy.