Sunday, 12 May 2019


And it was a Sun day.

It only takes one dog walker and that = no birds.  

But they come back. 

Quite a few surfers, although not much surf.  But they didnt seem to mind.

So beautiful.  I walked.  

Some of our Art Group, and the DP off and on, were in Tescos.

Our Art Group was selected to be one of the community groups to be part of the token donation by customers.  The one who gets the most tokens gets what they have asked for money wise for their group.  Ours is a modest request for some replacement display boards for the exhibition in July and available for community use at other times.  Today was publicising the exhibition and recruiting new members.  Did well on both apparently.

I was not there as I am still avoiding people.  So today I did not pick up an infection.  

Tomorrow is another matter as I have been called into the surgery for a blood test for the hypertension clinic......  I am working on the negative thoughts list.  But that one just floored me!


Anonymous said...

You better keep happy thoughts before the hypertension test lol,,, it’s nice for people to walk their dogs on the beach, it’s sad they scare the birds and it’s sad when they let their dogs poop on the beach😕, not all do but we had a problem on our beach with that,, geeze I hate that,

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

We also had a glorious Sun day - made a lovely change. Fingers crossed all will be fine for tomorrow x

Jean said...

It is such a beautiful beach.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good luck with avoiding germs at the surgery.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope all went well at the surgery and that you were able to avoid any further germs.